Are your kids Screen Junkies?

Are your kids Screen Junkies?

Have you heard of “digital heroin”? Recent studies by medical officers have discovered that tech addiction of kids is worse than being addicted to cocaine. There are so many stories in the world about parents who regret handing their kid iPads, believing the cartoons and games are educational. Slowly kids are becoming less interested about interacting with parents, siblings and simply living things. They value the relationship they have their tech device & the games they are addicted to, which in the long term affect adversely in their behavior & anger management.

If you think you have the screen time under control, if you think you are only allowing them to use the iPad when you are working or only when you are travelling, & if you are justifying it by thinking, spelling, shape matching & counting games are just “educational”, then you must do a few minutes research on mothers who started off like you & ended up sacrificing their smart & sweet kids to the world of iPads & games.
If your kids find staying indoors staring at a screen for hours much more interesting rather than playing outside, playing with physical toys, if your kids start showing resistance & anger when the screen time ends, it's time you take action if you wish to save your kid from becoming a junkie.

What can you really do to save them? Yes, it will steal a few hours of your sleep, yes, you will be a bit more tired at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if it’s all worth it. Talk with them as much as you can, dance with them, read books together, get them help you with household chores & most importantly get them physical toys to play with during the play time.

Save yourself from a lifetime of trauma & regret. Don’t let them grow up to become junkies, tech or otherwise.