• DESIGN: Our CwtchUp baby blanket has come from extensive research and experience, providing the highest quality blanket to keep your baby boy or girl comfortable, happy, and safe.
  • QUALITY: We won't be beaten on quality. Super soft on the skin with an ultimate blend so the blanket so can be used all year round. A perfect wrap to snuggle.
  • USE: These adorable large bubble fleece blankets are designed to the highest standard using only the best fleece material. Perfect for keeping your new born child warm in their pram, cot, crib, moses basket or car travel.
  • WHY: The importance and benefits of a baby blanket extends far beyond warmth and comfort. Having both a blanket and soft toy helps to lessen stress that you might not even realize your baby is feeling. Our CwtchUp blanket comes with an ultra soft teddy toy and when combined with the blanket, provides visual and tactile stimulation.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: These blankets are also super hard wearing to endure repeat washing.


CwtchUp Baby Blanket for Newborn Boy

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