• Fred & Flo Ultra Dry size 5+ 36 pack
  • Up to 2x drier* Up to 12 hours absorbent protection Dermatologically tested New improved softness Size 5+ Extra Absorbent 13 27kg 29 60lbs 36 Ultra Dry Nappies Slim & snug freedom to wriggle Do not flush
  • Plus size Extra absorbency Same size, more absorbent "Why is it…" I said to Fred, That your face is turning red?" Fred did a little knowing face, now it's off to the changing space! Up to 12 Hours absorbent protection - cosy nights all round Rapid Dry Technology - Up to 2x drier* Secure fastening - even when I wriggle, it keeps my nappy where it should be! Slim feel - lets me wriggle freely Dermatologically tested - gentle against skin Absorbing channel locks away my wee for a long lasting dry feeling **Compared to previous Fred & Flo Ultra Dry Nappy carry packs


Produce of

Produced in Czech Republic, Packed in Czech Republic

Preparation and Usage

  • Under normal daytime use and to help ensure the comfort and health of your baby the nappy should be changed regularly. Ensure you have everything you need to hand before each nappy change. Gently remove your baby's soiled nappy. Delicately wipe your baby clean with a wipe or cotton wool, then put on a fresh nappy. Remember that keeping a dry nappy on your baby will keep them comfortable and help prevent nappy rash. Never leave your baby unattended on the changing table or put a changing mat on a raised surface to change them. Even newborns can roll off and hurt themselves. To avoid danger of suffocation keep nappy bags out of baby’s reach at all times. Always dispose of your nappy responsibly by putting in a nappy bag and disposing with normal household waste. Never flush nappies down the toilet. Nappies are not currently recyclable, please dispose of in your household waste bin.

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