Multifunctional Infant Baby Music Walker

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- This walker is able to exercise your baby's hearing, sense of touch, child's cognition of different shapes, and learn to walk scientifically.

- The walker offers two ways to play: push it along the floor + sit and play.

- Adjustable screw enables you to adjust its speed in accordance with the pace of the baby learning to walk, so the baby can learn to walk in a more safe and scientific way.

- Triangle solid structure, the walker can assist the baby to maintain the balance of the body so as to form the correct walking posture.

- Special made rubber rear-wheel, the friction is greatly increased, non slip.

- There are non slip textures on the arm, your baby won't fall down when grasping it.

- The Musical Walker material non-toxic and eco-friendly.

- Model Number: ACHE 0822

- Weight : 1.8kg


Sit & play : 9 - 18 months

Stand & walk : 9 - 24 months