An easy way for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding. Our Philips Avent Newborn Natural bottle is designed to closely resemble the breast with a wide, ultra-soft teat. The flexible spiral design combined with our ideal Avent comfort petals allows for natural latch on without teat collapse. The anti-colic valve reduces colic** and discomfort by keeping air out of your baby’s tummy while the wide neck ensures that filling and cleaning the bottle is easy. The pharmaceutical grade Natural glass bottle is BPA free*. It is heat and thermal shock resistant and can be warmed, stored in the fridge, and sterilised. Its ergonomic shape ensures it is easy for tiny hands to hold comfortably. The Philips Avent Natural range offers different teat softness and increasing flow rates for every one of your baby’s development stages. You can also mix and match your breast pump, bottle and cup parts to create the product that works for you. Our orthodontic, collapsible teat on the dummy soother is specially designed to respect the natural development of your baby’s palate. They are made from silicone* and are taste and odour free. * 0% BPA, following EU regulation 10/2011 ** What is colic, and how does it affect babies? Colic is caused in part by swallowing air while feeding, which creates discomfort in a baby’s digestive system. Symptoms include crying and fussing.


Newborn Natural Starter Set

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