Author: Wells, Joanna

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Release Date: 12-10-2020

Details: Product Description Do you want to know the secret to tackling tantrums and tears once and for all? Would you like to find out how to stop the never-ending squabbles in seconds? Do you want to know how to get your child to cooperate by talking and teaching that actions have consequences? If you, as a parent, can’t stop thinking or shouting “ENOUGH!” this is the book for you! In POSITIVE DISCIPLINE FOR KIDS, you will learn how to instil discipline in ways that teach your child how to cope with sadness, unpleasantness, and limitations. That way, they won't cave in the face of challenges and failures in life. Instead, they will use their own strengths, learn from their mistakes, and show responsibility and accountability for better health, stronger and healthier relationships, and greater career success! This won't be yet another easy-read with superficial advice you won't be able to apply. This book is down-to-earth and based on parenting strategies that are proven to work. Did you know that children who lack boundaries often face more challenges in life, have a harder time adapting, and are more likely to struggle with stress in adult life? That's right! This book will show you how to teach your child valuable life skills that will help you lay the foundations for their good mental health and will help them become strong, passionate, competent, and confident. Now it’s the time to really say “Enough!” and change your life as a parent for the better! Scroll Down and Learn more about Positive Discipline for Kids! Review "Well-written, researched and referenced, this book is excellent. And as impressed as I was with it, I was thrilled that she ended with one of my favorite Khalil Gibran poems, the one that begins: "Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you." We are but stewards of our children, and it is our responsibility to bring them up with self-worth and confidence to become the best adults they can be. I think everyone should read this book; it is excellent." By Book Lover, Amazon Customer "This very well-written book is a way, a medium, for a parents to reflect on their own health as people. Some of the key points in the book include: being able to separate the behavior from the child, keeping in mind the lifelong sculpting that is underway in each act of either effective or ineffective parenting, the powerful modeling that can occur when a parent can control the expression of toxic anger and other emotions, consistency, the importance of firmness, having as the highest priority the empowerment of the child, among many others-all abilities a psychologically healthy person needs to be able to do in many areas of life.Joanna Wells does a great job distinguishing between the different parenting styles, and describes the stages of child development with a view to the appropriate ways of discipline for each stage. The writing is very smooth, direct and encouraging. It succeeds beautifully in creating a blueprint for mental and behavioral health in a person as it applies to the very focused activity of disciplining a child." By Fredric C. Hartman, Ph.D., Amazon Customer "This book opened my eyes. I am tired of the argument, getting upset, scream and losing control over my children. This book helped me to understand my discipline was only because I wanted to control them. I want them to listen to me without asking questions, without talking back! And I think my behavior is making the matter worst. I need to start respecting them and giving them choices, really listening to them and having open communications. I can't wait to implement all the tips and knowledge in this book and change my relationship with my children. I highly recommend this book to all parents. It is better to do it right the first time than fix it later on like me... I am thankful I found this book.

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