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Release Date: 06-09-2007

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Details: Review Read Write Inc. actually teaches children to read and write. We love using this programme because children achieve so much co quickly. They want to read and write. It's the best literacy programme we have ever known. (Lorna Jackson, Headteacher, Maryland Primary School. As these cards are based on SOUNDS not LETTERS. The letter Q on its own is not a sound, therefore in these cards it only appears as 'Qu') Product Description Read Write Inc. Phonics Flashcards are a great way to introduce the letters and sounds that make up words - the 'Speed Sounds'. The cards feature all 31 Set 1 Speed Sounds and corresponding letters to enable children to learn phonics and decode words easily. Full colour illustrations and picture cards place the sounds in context, providing an enjoyable way to practise using the sounds they have learnt. Parent notes offer guidance on how to use the cards and tips to support first steps in learning to read. Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. It is used by more than a quarter of the UK's primary schools and is designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

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Read Write Inc. Home: Phonics Flashcards

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