• NASAL ASPIRATOR/DECONGESTER: Ideally sized for parents’ hands and baby’s little nose. The 100% silicone tip is super soft and helps clear your baby’s nostrils gently, effectively, and quickly with just a simple squeeze. It also comes apart easily for cleaning and is dishwasher & steriliser safe.
  • FLEXISAFE BODY THERMOMETER: Flexible tip makes it safe for oral, under-arm, or rectal use to get accurate readings of your little one’s temperature. It also has a smart memory function that keeps track of your baby’s body temperature to help you keep an eye on any temperature changes.
  • BEAR BATH & ROOM THERMOMETER: The Room and Bath Thermometer has a friendly bear design and is suitable for use in both baby’s room and their bath. It provides accurate readings of room temperatures and because it is 100% waterproof, it can be used to check the temperature of the water before giving your little one a bath. Built-in digital display with an LED light that notifies you if the bath temperature is too high for the baby.
  • PORTABLE: Its compact size and battery-operated thermometers mean that you can keep track of your baby’s health & well-being wherever you go.
  • CONTENTS: The package includes 1 x Vital Baby PROTECT Nasal Decongester, 1 x Flexisafe Fever Alert Thermometer, 1 x Room & Bath thermometer. Perfect for gifting.

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Vital Baby PROTECT Healthcare Kit for Baby

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