Environmental influences, stress, smoking, pills, fever, operations, strain increases demand of vitamin C by human orgamisn. It is seldom that nowadays we cover the required vitamin C by food. But the production process of food leads to the loss of ascorbic acid and vegetables and fruits that are grown in artificial conditions do contain only a small part of the usual C-vitamin content.

Why do people need vitamin C:

- prevents sclerosis and heart attack
- necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system
- prevents deficiency diseases
- helps fighting against free radicals
- strengthens the immune system
- necessary for health of teeth, palate and bones
- helps metabolism in cells
- makes antiallergic effect
- decreases the duration of diseases
- increases rehabilitation after medical operations
- helps absorption of iron
- strengthens the muscles 
- provides vitality
- helps to prevent cancer
- supports production of collagen in skin 
- makes heathier
- prevents diseases
- positive influence during pregnancy and nursing/suckling period
- specially suggested for smokers for health protection 

Suggested dosage for prevention of the lack symptoms is half tablet per day.

Packaging: 100 tablets


Vitamin C1000 - 100tab

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