Author: Lyon, Abby

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 249

Release Date: 16-09-2021

Details: The big preschool workbook for children between 3-6 with guaranteed fun while learning. How to optimally prepare for school together with your child. With this textbook your child will learn drawing, writing and arithmetic with exciting and fun exercises. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Early practice is the key to becoming a master! In this workbook your child learns easily and peacefully how to master the pencil, while developing motor and cognitive skills at an early age. With over 250 pages you can support your child in learning to draw, write and do mathematics together you will experience the first learning progress. - You want to support your child and give him or her the best possible start in school? - You want your child to be successful in school? - You want to strengthen your child's ability to concentrate and promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination? Then you've come to the right place! Encourage your child with this workbook that contains 250 pages with over 600 coloring pictures for guaranteed fun while learning. Learning letters and numbers is a big challenge for many children and not all of them find it easy to learn how to write. This book helps to make the learning process as easy as possible through many different exercises. It is structured in a way that the child can learn in a step-by-step manner, building up their skills. In addition, for optimal learning, there are also many puzzles, games and memory exercises to loosen up the studying. ___________________________________________________________________________________ This book contains: ⭐ Swing exercises, shape and drawing exercises. ⭐ Exercises for learning the alphabet letter by letter. ⭐ Writing exercises. First simple words and sentences are learned. ⭐ Numbers: Numbers are learned. ⭐ Simple mathematical exercises to strengthen memory ⭐ Fun and exciting riddles ⭐ Observation exercises to promote the ability to concentrate ⭐ And much more In addition: ... two bonus parts: First Italian and German words are learned. ... over 600 beautiful pictures to color in ... 222 fun and exciting learning exercises on over 250 pages. Your child learns: ⭐ Writing. Developing the ability to read aloud and write ⭐ Training their own attention and concentration ⭐ Logical and problem-solving skills ⭐ Cognitive skills ⭐ Strengthening self-confidence ⭐ To improve eye-hand coordination ⭐ And to develop the imagination ___________________________________________________________________________________ Writing and arithmetic Your child learns the letters and numbers step by step. Building up, the first writing exercises and arithmetic exercises, which are helpful at an early age and promote memory skills, are offered. It has been proven that children who start targeted writing and arithmetic at an early age have a head start in school. Puzzles In addition to the many learning exercises, there are many puzzles and observation games (paint-by-numbers, dot-to-dot, maze, etc.) that strengthen and promote your child's cognitive skills. In the process, your child will have a lot of fun, exercise their brain, and develop important problem-solving skills. Drawing and painting To keep learning exciting, the book contains over 600 different coloring pictures for girls and boys. One click on "Buy now with 1-Click" is enough.

EAN: 9798462901362

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English

BIG XXL Preschool Workbook AGE 3 TO 5

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