Baby Bottles

With this bundle, you get two different types of Tommee Tippee bottle! That way, you can try them both, and then decide which works best for you and your baby.

You get four of our original breast-like Closer to Nature® bottles (shaped like a breast because babies prefer it that way), and three Advanced Anti-Colic bottles that take air out of milk and away from baby’s tummy using a special venting system.

Plus, we’ve included some extra medium flow teats that fit each bottle to help you transition seamlessly onto the next stage as your baby grows. 

Bottle Prep

We know that late night and early morning feeds when everyone just wants to get a little more sleep can be a real stress test. That’s where our Perfect Prep™ machine comes in. Day and night, it makes each feed a dream by preparing the perfect bottle in just two minutes. You can choose between white, grey or black.

Sterilising & Cleaning

It’s recommended that you sterilise anything that contacts your baby’s milk, as well as anything that regularly goes in their mouth. This includes all bottles and teats, but also things like soothers.

Our UV Steriliser makes it easy, using a safe and dry method of sterilising that kills 99.9% of harmful germs without using heat, steam, or harsh chemicals. You can choose between black or white.

Before sterilising your bottles, it’s a good idea to clean any hard-to-reach areas with our Closer to Nature® brush. Designed for thorough 360° cleaning, it has durable nylon bristles and a soft, wire-free Dura-Tip teat and spout cleaner.

Bottle Warmer

Helping you heat up a perfect feed for your baby, anywhere, our LetsGo bottle warmer is a practical on-the-go gadget that warms your baby’s milk to the perfect temperature in just 10 minutes*, all without the need for boiling water.

*Based on a 150ml bottle.

Soothers & Bibs

Once your baby has had their bottle, you might need something to comfort them in between feeds, and our breast-like soothers can help. They’re designed with a soft silicone teat that flexes and stretches just like mum, providing breast-like comfort for the most natural soothing experience. You get two to try with this bundle.

And because we know that feeding a baby can get a little messy, we’ve included two of our extra absorbent and super-soft milk Comfeefit™ feeding bibs.

Dreamee Sound, Motion & Video Baby Monitor
This video, sound and motion baby monitor gives you peace of mind while your baby sleeps. You can watch and listen to them from anywhere in your home, without disturbing their sleep.

It includes a 360° night-vision camera, a high-definition screen, a movement sensor pad, and the ability to play lullabies and sounds to help soothe baby back to sleep.

GroEgg2 Room Thermometer
Our GroEgg2 room thermometer is a handy gadget that coordinates with the coloured tog ratings on our baby sleepwear. It helps you know which tog to dress your baby in as the seasons change and gives you an extra bit of reassurance (alongside regular temperature checks) that their room is at the right temperature and they’re safe and dressed in the correct sleepwear.

Not only does it give you reassurance, but adjustable brightness means that it can also be used as a nightlight!

Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin
With our Twist & Click nappy disposal bin, dirty nappies are individually wrapped in multi-layer, antibacterial film that locks away odours and kills 99% of harmful germs. Use the built-in plunger to push the nappy into the bin when you close the lid, keeping your hands clean and your room fresh.

Light & Sound Baby Sleep Aid: GroFriend or Dreammaker

Anything that helps your baby sleep soundly will help you get some much-needed rest too. With this bundle, you can choose from two of our much-loved light and sound sleep aids – a GroFriend or Dreammaker™!

Our GroFriends (Ollie, Pip and Bennie) are cute and cuddly night-time companions with built-in soft lights and gentle lullabies that help your baby settle to sleep. Their CrySensor technology listens out through the night and plays soothing sounds to comfort baby if they wake.

Our Dreammaker™ was developed with the help of a world-leading sleep laboratory, and uses CrySensor technology pink noise, a red light and pulsing glow settings to relax your baby and encourage them into a deeper sleep, for longer.


Among the long list of questions new parents have, one of the most common is, what should my newborn baby wear to sleep? You don't want them to be too cold or too warm, and it’s important that their sleepwear fits just right to keep them safe and comfortable as they snooze.

Available in a choice of designs and togs, our Swaddlebag helps young babies to feel cosy and secure and improves the quality of their natural sleep. 

Baby Healthcare Kit

Our great value healthcare kit contains nine essential items to look after your baby, all stored in a convenient carry case, that’s easy to carry from room to room or use away from home. Inside there’s...

  • A digital oral thermometer
  • A baby hairbrush
  • A baby comb
  • A pair of baby scissors
  • A pair of baby nail clippers
  • Two emery boards
  • A toothbrush
  • A nasal aspirator

*Tested against Coronavirus (tested to EN 16777) and Influenza H1N1. 

**Based on 2021 study of 524 parents who use Tommee Tippee bottles 

† Based on 150ml bottle  

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