• Active design - The MAM drinking bottle is easy to hold for babies and parents with its ergonomic shape. With its modern motifs, it is an addition to any baby equipment.
  • Soft teat - The MAM bottle has a natural teat of size 1 (0+ months) made of special SkinSoft silicone. This feels incomparably soft and familiar in baby's mouth.
  • Easy to use - The included cap seals the bottle securely, protects the teat from dirt and also serves as a measuring cup.
  • Hygienic & practical - Thanks to the wide opening, the baby bottle is particularly easy to fill and clean. For maximum comfort in your baby's life.
  • Box contents and details - MAM Easy Active in a set of 2 (270 ml), drinking bottle including size 1 teat, cap and sealing plate, grey, item number 995742020


Active Water Bottle Set of 2 (270 ml), Baby Drinking Bottle with MAM Teat Size 1, Made of SkinSoft Silicone

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