MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic - High Quality Baby Bottle, Ideal for Newborns (Elephant)

The innovative design of the MAM Easy Start makes it easier for baby's everyday life, so that more time remains for your baby. Thanks to the bottom valve, the food flows evenly and with less air bubbles. Babies can drink at their own pace, relaxed and without interruptions. This allows you to have a natural drinking experience² - almost like on mum's chest. So breastfeeding and bottle nutrition can be easily combined. 80% of mothers confirm: discomfort and colic are significantly reduced or do not arise at all thanks to the MAM Easy Start. The natural teat made of MAM SkinSoft silicone feels incomparably delicate and pleasant with its uniquely flat, flexible shape in baby's mouth. For a familiar feeling, almost like breastfeeding. The MAM SkinSoft teat is therefore instinctively accepted by 94% of babies. 96% of midwives recommend the MAM Easy Start. Unique: the MAM Easy Start can be easily and safely sterilised in the microwave, without additional device. In just 3 minutes. the bottle is ready to use again. 99% of mothers recommend the MAM Easy Start.

Conforms to EN 14350:2020

Warning and use instructions in packaging, please keep instructions

Teats with MAM bottles and trainers + compatible MAM bottles are BPA/BPS-free.

The product advantages at a glance:

  • MAM Easy Start anti-colic bottle, 160 ml.
  • Easy combination of breastfeeding and bottle.
  • Innovative anti-colic floor valve
  • SkinSoft teat size 1 (0+ months/from birth)
  • For breast milk, pre-food, tea & water
  • Self-sterilising in the microwave.
  • Wide openings for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Leak-proof thanks to cap and sealing plates.
  • Compatible with MAM breast pumps.


Start Anti-Colic Baby Bottle (160 ml),

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