MAM Easy Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle – making the switch between Mum and MAM easy

MAM's Easy Start Self Sterilising MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is the ideal baby bottle for newborns, specially designed to minimise colic symptoms by reducing the amount of air swallowed while feeding. The vented base allows for an even drinking flow so babies can remain calm and relaxed without swallowing air. The vented base can help to reduce colic in 80 Percent of cases, leaving nights quieter and babies happier. The bottle comes with a spill-proof lid and a measuring scale on the side so you can ideally measure even the smallest amounts of baby formula or breast milk.

The bottle comes with MAM Slow-Flow Skin Soft Silicone teat which is silky soft and provides a familiar feel for babies. Moving from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding can be difficult but according to market research, 94 Percent* babies accept MAM teats meaning MAM baby bottles are ideal for making the switch. The teat feels just like a mother's skin and is easy to clean with MAM Soft Bottle Brush. The symmetric MAM slow flow teats ideally in your baby boy or baby girl's mouth.

Product Description:

  • Anti-Colic - 80% less colic due to the ventilation holes in the base of the bottle**
  • Self-Sterilisation - simply sterilise the bottle in the microwave with 20ml of water
  • Slow-Flow Skin Soft™ Teat - silky soft teats feel just like mum
  • BPA-Free - all MAM bottles are made from materials free of BPS and BPA
  • Colour - White
  • 3x160ml - 3 bottles with Slow-Flow Teats

*Market research 2009-2022, tested with 1,643 babies

**Medical study 2011 / Market research 2010, tested with 204 mothers.


Start Self Sterilising Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 3 Pack (3 x160 ml)

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