The mam easy start anti-colic bottle simplifies this period with its innovative design, leaving more time for moments to remember. The ventilated base on the bottom of the 2 bottles of the set is equipped with holes for air passage. During feeding, air enters the inside of the bottle from the bottom and does not mix with milk, preventing the formation of bubbles and foam. The flow of milk is so uniform and prevents the baby from swallowing air. Babies can drink in a relaxed way3. The result is a reduction in the risk of colic, as confirmed by 80% of mothers2. With its flattened shape and soft skinsoft silicone surface, the mam teat gives your baby a pleasant natural feeling. That's why 94%1 of children easily accept mam teat. The mam easy starttm anti-colic bottle can be sterilized in the microwave easily and safely in 3 minutes. This product meets the requirements of the following European standards: en 14350:2020. Mam products are free of bpa and bps. In shades of blue, these bottles are perfect for all girls. Set of 2 bottles mam easy starttm anti-colic 130 ml with teat 0 months and 260 ml with teat 2 months ideal for breast milk and in formula with pacifier start nanò 0-2 months with extra small and light mask, friendly to the skin thanks to the large ventilation holes and the inner surface equipped with micro-pads. Mam teat made of soft skinsoft silicone, easily accepted by children, for a natural feeling. Light blue color.


Start(TM) Anti-Colic Starter Set 0+ Months

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