Author: Gater, Will

Brand: DK Children

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 224

Release Date: 03-09-2020

Part Number: 38698038

Details: Review Do judge a book by its cover; this one is as gorgeous as it looks. Not only that, it contains the full glory of the cosmos in a language that's simple and engaging enough for an eight-year-old. Although The Mysteries of the Universe is aimed at children, it really is a treat for all ages. Visually stunning, with a fabulous selection of space photos, artworks and illustrations, it is also all-encompassing in its astronomy. ― BBC Sky At Night magazine Product Description Travel to the furthest reaches of the Universe and visit 100 remarkable objects along the way with this stunning space book for curious kids aged 7-9. Space is so much bigger than young minds can fathom and there is always more to learn. The Mysteries of the Universe is a stunning space encyclopedia for young readers to explore, with reference pages packed with fascinating information, little learners will be captivated as they journey through the vastness of the Universe. From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, every page of this enthralling space book reveals the secrets behind more than 100 celestial objects, and will inspire youngsters as they journey through the vastness of the Universe. Each celestial body is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images. Get ready to explore fun facts and exciting new scientific discoveries as this best-selling picture book will illuminate imaginations and spark curious minds to explore the vastness of space. The engaging storybook-style descriptions and simple text shed a light on facts, myths, and key discoveries about the universe, perfect for children aged 7-9 to explore the wonders of our solar system and beyond. Celebrate your child's curiosity as they: - Explore Beautiful illustrations and incredible photography that showcase the mysteries of space. - Reveal Engaging storybook-style descriptions that explain key discoveries about the universe - Uncover 100 remarkable objects in the cosmos. This space encyclopedia for children is the perfect blend of storybook style text with out of this world illustrations which makes it a fantastic space book for children who can't get enough of the solar system. Encourage early learners to go on a journey to explore a world of information, making this the ideal first reference book for kids aged 7 and older to enjoy for hours on end, whether reading with the family or reading alone, this fun fact book also doubles up as the perfect gift for curious kids who love to learn. Explore the vastness of space whilst uncovering: -Stunning Jacket Detail: gold foil, holographic foil & metallic gold edges -Stunning photography & illustrations inside -A beautiful book for the whole family to treasure -A quality gift to be passed down through the generations More in the Series Mysteries of the Universe is part of the beautiful and informative Anthology series. Complete the series and nurture your child's curiosity as they explore the natural world with The Wonders of Nature or let them walk with the dinosaurs who ruled the earth before them in Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life. About the Author Will Gater is an astronomy journalist, author, and presenter. His work has appeared in New Scientist, BBC Sky at Night magazine, Physics World, Focus, and Astronomy Now, among others. He is the author of several popular astronomy books and is an experienced observational astronomer and astrophotographer. Alongside his efforts to popularise science and astronomy on TV and radio he recently toured his first live show, 'The Story of the Solar System', in theatres around the UK.

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Languages: English

DK Children

The Mysteries of the Universe: Discover the best-kept secrets of space

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