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  • Electric Steam Steriliser: Using natural steam, the Electric Steam Steriliser sterilises up to six bottles in five minutes, allowing you to protect your baby from germs without using harmful chemicals
  • Closer to Nature bottles: The Complete Kit comes with 2 CTN bottles and 2 Anti-Colic CTN bottles, all 150ml with slow-flow teats, making it essential for parents with newborns
  • Ultra-Light & Breast-Like soothers: The Ultra-Light soother is designed to stay put in baby’s mouth while the Breast-Like soother has a symmetrical teat that flexes and stretches just like mum
  • Easiwarm bottle warmer: Warms baby milk to body temperature in as little as 4 minutes*** without overheating, so your baby has a comfortable and natural feeding experience
  • Insulated bottle bag: Designed for life on-the-go, the portable Tommee Tippee insulated bag allows you to store warm water in your baby’s Closer to Nature bottle for feeding out and about

Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set for Newborn

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